Wish from magician Siegfried: This is how he finds the final peace with partner Roy

According to his sister, the ashes of the star magician Siegfried are to be scattered in the mountains near Las Vegas – together with the ashes of his partner Roy. “He wanted his and Roy’s ashes to be scattered over Mount Charleston. The mountains were their refuge, their place to calm down after strenuous shows,” said Siegfried’s sister Dolore Fischbacher of “image“-Newspaper.

Magician Siegfried Hornbach’s last wish comes true

The urns of the two magicians are still in the chapel of their property called “Little Bavaria” on the outskirts of Las Vegas. On Thursday, exactly one year after Siegfried’s death, there should be a memorial service according to the “Bild” information. After that, Siegfried’s last wish was to be granted.

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Siegfried Fischbacher, from Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria, who had made show history with his long-time partner Roy Horn as “Siegfried & Roy” with white tigers in Las Vegas, was diagnosed with cancer on January 13, 2021 at the age of 81 in the US city died. Horn had died around eight months before Fischbacher.


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