With a tremendous stone, the thief threw the victim to the floor and robbed him of his breath

The case took place on a street in the Carlos Albán neighborhood of the town of Bosa in the south west of Bogotá.

A treacherous subject, supposedly known by the alias of ‘El Mudo’, is searching intensely for law enforcement officers, after starring in a robo a humble shoe worker, whom, from behind, he attacked at close range, unloading a heavy stone on the back of his neck that almost took him out of this world.

The victim, identified as Rubén Darío López, 37 years old, according to relatives, was walking towards his house in the early hours of last Wednesday, January 12, 2022, when suddenly it turned out attacked from behind by a crossed type, who with a rock in hand, hit him at the base of the pedestrian head, which sent him to the ground ‘in one’.

After falling sharply on the sidewalk, Mr. López suffered some injuries, among others, the loss of some teeth and jaw fracture, while the ‘choro’ searched him and took his belongings.


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