With rogue criminals they dock intermunicipal buses in Cundinamarca

Inter-municipal bus drivers who are victims of armed criminals demand more security on the roads of Cundinamarca.

Drivers of inter-municipal transport demanded more security on the roads of the department, after in the last two hours drivers were victims of several criminals who get on the vans and with firearms they strip them of their belongings.

They also steal passengers and lash out at drivers; one is wounded in the face by a firearm and for the same reason another driver was wounded in the shoulder losing the mobility of the right arm.

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“I was a victim of robbery, I am an inter-municipal bus driver, three guys at the height of Uniabastos asked me to open the cabin and they took my cell phone, my money and when they saw that the money was not complete they shot me in the shoulder, “he said.

“They robbed all the passengers and an elderly man for not having a high-end telephone they hit him with a firearm in the head ”, said Pedro Correal, intermunicipal bus driver.

Manuel Quintero, another bus driver who was a victim of crime, pointed out that he shot in the face in the middle of a robbery.

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“We are tired of being robbed, they shoot us in the chest, in the face, in the arm and all for money or cell phones, Police are not always around, as I was heading towards portal 80 Some subjects got on and robbed the users, the other aimed at me, started firing several bullets, they broke the windows and one hit me in my face, of a miracle I was alive, “said Quintero.

The drivers of the inter-municipal service insisted that there is no security on the roads of Cundinamarca, They demand that the Police be present, bearing in mind that a time of year is coming when thefts in these vehicles are most common, due to people’s purchases and withdrawals for the year-end premium.


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