With the ten on … Police reinforce security on the roads of Cundinamarca to prevent robberies of buses

In recent weeks, several drivers and their passengers were affected by this scourge.

After the repeated complaints of the intermunicipal service transporters in Cundinamarca, for the massive robberies that have been registered in this means of transport, lThe National Police assured that it has already identified several criminals who belong to a criminal group, who have affected users who habitually use the 80th street corridor and the Bogotá – Siberia and Bogotá – Cota road.

According to Colonel Simón Eduardo Cornejo, Commander of the Sabana Norte Police, has arranged a specialized group of Judicial Police and Intelligence to capture this criminal group.

“With the attorney general we have made a concentration of complaints in a single investigative process and a communication channel was established with the companies that travel this route and measures were adopted such as the installation of control points in the most affected places, ”said Colonel Cornejo.

The authorities assured that, They will have patrols to carry out the tours with intelligence personnel and they will work in a coordinated manner with the Traffic Police to contain these crimes.

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It should be noted that the drivers of inter-municipal transport demanded more security on the roads of the department, after in the last hours two drivers were victims of several criminals who get on the vans and with firearms they are stripped of their belongings.

They also steal passengers and lash out at drivers; one is wounded in the face by a firearm and for the same reason another driver was injured in the shoulder, losing the mobility of his right arm.

“I was a victim of robbery, I am an inter-municipal bus driver, three guys at the height of Uniabastos asked me to open the cabin and they took my cell phone, my money and when they saw that the money was not complete they shot me in the shoulder, “he said.


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