Witnesses contradict Gil Ofarim: Doubts about anti-Semitic insult

What really happened on the evening of October 4th at the Westin Hotel in Leipzig? Gil Ofarim claims in an Instagram video on his channel that he was insulted anti-Semitically by a hotel employee. The 39-year-old says he was asked to pack the Star of David he wears on his necklace. Only then can he check in. The accusation sparked outrage around the world. Gil Ofarim has been tinged with the outrageous accusation through TV shows in the past few days. He was a guest at Steffen Hallaschka’s “Stern TV” and “Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live”.

Gil Ofarim and hotel staff: Testimony against testimony

Gil Ofarim had filed two criminal charges against the hotel employee when he was questioned in Munich. As the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office announced, the musician also filed a complaint on charges of false suspicion. The background is that the hotel employee had reported Ofarim for defamation. Said employee denies having anti-Semitically discriminated against Ofarim.

Anti-Semitism allegations: Ofarim filed two advertisements


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Was the Star of David on Ofarim’s chain not visible at all?

After the anti-Semitism allegations, video recordings of the incident from the hotel lobby are evaluated. The pictures from the hotel raise questions about the events described. Accordingly, the chain with the Star of David should not have been clearly visible on the videos. “What exactly can be seen in the video is part of the ongoing investigation,” said a spokeswoman for the Leipzig police department.

Gil Ofarim said on October 17th to “BamS”: “The sentence that came up came from behind. That means someone recognized me. It’s not about the chain. It’s actually about something much bigger. Since I often With the Star of David on TV, I was insulted because of it. ” Ofarim himself said he did not remember whether he was wearing the chain in front of the hotel.

Gil Ofarim performing in Berlin.

Gil Ofarim: “This is not about the chain”


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“Time” reveals: Witnesses contradict Gil Ofarim

Now the “Zeit” reports in its current edition of the 118-page long final report of the law firm Pauka & Link. The law firm was commissioned by the hotel operators. The lawyers investigated in parallel with the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office and were able to speak to employees and guests as well as evaluate video material from the surveillance cameras. The witnesses in the firm’s report contradict Gil Ofarim: The chain with the Star of David was not an issue in the hotel lobby. Instead, there is talk of a conflict because, in Ofarim’s opinion, the hotel employee gave preferential treatment to other guests. The singer himself is said to have threatened at reception that he would upload a video on Instagram that would “go viral”. This is the description of two employees and three guests.

“Zeit” also reports that the expert George A. Rauscher prepared an expert opinion on behalf of the law firm Pauka & Link. It says that the images from the hotel surveillance cameras have almost certainly not been tampered with. In addition, Rauscher comes to the conclusion that Ofarim did not wear his chain visibly on the presented video sequences – neither when arriving in front of the house, nor when entering the lobby, nor at the reception, nor when leaving the lobby.

No statement on Gil Ofarim’s final report

Gil Ofarim initially did not want to comment on the new publications to “Die Zeit”. Via his lawyer, the singer announced on Wednesday afternoon that he had agreed with the investigating public prosecutor that he would not work on an investigation commissioned by the hotel, but trust and support independent state investigations. This was also communicated to the hotel’s lawyers.