Woman in charge of a nursery was detained for assault against a nine-month-old baby

The action of the ‘Tronchatoro’ was presented in a rural house in the municipality of Chía Cundinamarca.

It was seized in the last hours, the ‘Tronchetoro’, that mwoman who took care of children within a kind of day care center in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Chia Cundinamarca, after being pointed out punish a baby hard barely nine months old.

Colonel Simón Cornejo, commander of the police in the North Savannah of the department, commented in the La Cariñosa radio station 610 AM that the unfortunate case occurred inside a house in the Bojaca sidewalk, in that population of the Province of Sabana Centro, where the 35-year-old woman, cared for boys and girls between the ages of four months and 11 years, who left parents in care while they worked.

It was learned that the lady’s neighbors, hearing constant punishments and complaints from minors, decided with a cell phone, record through a roof, a video at the precise moment that the caretaker hit the little angel on the head.


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