Woman, in special condition, fell from the third floor in the foundation of Bogotá and would not walk again

This was determined by specialists from the Santa Clara Hospital where the 36-year-old patient was taken.

Without being able to walk again, the 36-year-old woman would be left in special condition, fell down an elevator shaft within a foundation for disabled patients, located on Avenida Caracas and Calle Sexta Sur in Bogotá.

Doña Gloria, aunt of the affected woman, commented in the La Cariñosa station 610 AM that the unfortunate case occurred last Monday, November 8 of this year 2021, when her niece was taken to breakfast with another patient, from the third to the first floor of the property.

According to the relative of the injured woman in an interview she had with him Bogotá Alert newscast, the woman, who behaves like a girl, bent down slightly and from one moment to another, after hitting a glass in the elevator, it broke and allowed the citizen to end up on the first floor with severe fractures on your body.

After the accident, the inmate was rushed to the facilities of the Santa Clara Hospital from Calle Primera Sur with Carrera 14 B of the Antonio Nariño town, center of the capital, where doctors on duty provided the necessary health services.


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