Woman was waiting for the bus, when she was robbed and dragged down the street

At the moment, the search for those responsible for this theft continues.

A woman who was waiting for transportation was the victim of the theft of her purse, by two subjects who were mobilizing on a motorcycle and who dragged her several meters to take her belongings, leaving her lying on the floor.

The event happened in the 90th street with 21st street of the Diamante 2 neighborhood of Bucaramanga and it was registered in a security camera in the sector.

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At the time the bag’s raponazo appeared, There were other women at the site who were walking and, when they saw that the woman was lying on the ground, they came to help her, Despite the shock and the blows he received, he got up and told what happened.

It is unknown if the woman was injured by the severity of the blows, but what neighbors of the sector said was that the victim was leaving her workplace, and some people who were in a cafeteria witnessed the events, “she was in the platform and these people go by on a motorcycle they get on the platform, and when they try to take her purse they drag her half a block”.

The witness added that, “thank God this fact was recorded on video so that the authorities They manage to identify the criminals, but what we do not know is if they have already traced the plates or those responsible, but this leaves a lot to think about, because then people will want not to leave the house ”.

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The merchants who work in the sector asked the authorities to reinforce security in the area. “We who have businesses in the place this kind of theft is worrying, because people are going to be afraid to approach the establishments to consume the products calmly, “he said.

It is It is not the first case in which a woman is dragged several meters in the street when her belongings are stolen, For this reason, these kinds of events have generated rejection in the community and they are asking for more patrols to be carried out in the different neighborhoods of Bucaramanga.


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