Would you approve it? Study reveals that women should have two husbands

The life of women would be happier, according to the conclusions of the experts.

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder y Cody T. Ross, those who are experts in evolutionary anthropology, carried out a study in which the behaviors of animals were compared with that of human beings in which the subject to be investigated it was the difference of monogamy existing between these species.

However, the results of this research were totally surprising, since within their respective analyzes and in various comparisons, the anthropologists came to the conclusion so that women can feel benefited in their daily lives, they should resort to polygamy, that is, a sentimental relationship with two or more persons of the masculine gender.

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Professionals in the scientific article titled “Unraveling Mating Success and Testing Bateman’s Principles in a Human Population”, did the study with an African ethnic tribe, in which, por more than two years analyzed their behaviors and they reached the following conclusion: “we discovered that a monogamous couple had more children when they spent a long time sharing together. However, we were able to identify that people who practice polygamy tend to have fewer children, and even not having, out of respect for others”, They highlighted.

Although by traditions it has been inculcated the bond with a single person both emotionally and sexually. This practice in which men are usually singled out, determines what is most beneficial for women, since having several sentimental partners, would help his affective stimulus, and would also facilitate his life, taking into account what to do at home.

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In addition, his life would be more bearable and happy as these anthropologists call it, since, compared to animal life, men and males, would opt for their wives doing their best to take care of them more so because if one of them were to become ill, the other person would attend to the needs that arise.


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