Yanfry, the little Chocoano who made the world fall in love with his videos on TikTok

The little boy has caused a sensation on TikTok for his cuteness in some videos.

Social networks continue to be the perfect setting to share all kinds of content that amuses, entertains and informs, depending on the purpose of each user. Various accounts take advantage of the power of these media to present ideas, make some publications go viral and spread some ventures.

Recently, TikTok witnessed a cute and charming video starring a little boy named Yanfry, who went viral for his particular way of speaking and how much fun it was to answer questions asked by a family member.

Different users of the digital platform shared a clip of a Chocoano child, who With his seriousness and tenderness, he fell in love with hundreds of people. The clip, although short, managed to capture the attention of the curious, who did not hesitate to comment and assure that this minor had managed to get a smile from them.

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According to what was recorded in a video published by the boy’s uncle, it all happened when the little boy left the garden where he was cared for and went to another place. The man asks Yanfry: “Why does he walk so beautifully?”.

In the midst of the questions of your family member, the little one responds that he “walks like a man”, so he wanted to show how it was that he moved and moved his body. The boy points to his legs and looks forward, while being recorded on the street.

This content has gained strength in social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, where people say that Yanfry has “fixed 2021” for them.

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