Yasmine Rais in “The Descendants of Raya and Sakina” | Gulf newspaper

Cairo: «The Gulf»

The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Rais, decided to take her first theatrical experience through the play “The Descendants of Raya and Sakina”, which she co-stars with the artist Dina El-Sherbiny, and a number of other artists and artists, chosen by Sameh Bassiouni, director of the show these days, written by Ahmed Shaker and Mustafa Hosni, Produced by Ahmed Khaled Moussa and Raymond Ramses, and artistic supervision by Hadi El-Bagouri.

Through the play, Rais presented the character of “Bossi Shawkat Lazlo”, who moves from a life of wealth, luxury, cars and shopping, to “Darb Al Mahabeel Quarter”, where she collides with a popular life she has never lived before, and also collides with characters and types of people she did not meet in her life, and many things happen to her A comedic irony.


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