Yeferson Cossio spilled the beans and counted how much bill he earns per month

The content creator has stolen the eyes of the curious with the large sums he earns for his content and his projects.

Yeferson Cossio has caused all kinds of reactions among his loyal followers of social networks, due to the topics that he usually touches on in his videos, the challenges he performs with his friends and family, the controversies he has starred in and the extravagant luxuries that are given with his Profits. The young paisa has awakened love and anger among users who see and consume his publications.

Recently, the Colombian decided to interact a little with his loyal Instagram followers and use his official account to carry out a question and answer session to talk about various topics. In the question box arose Many questions about his income, his earnings, and the way he managed money.

The influencer did not think twice and answered one of the questions that a curious man had about his earnings per month. Cossio had no trouble and gave the exact figure he receives in dollars.

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What is your monthly salary?”Asked one person.

“Without thinking about the matter, my monthly average is 750,000 dollars, but there are many, many months in which you do many more dynamics with which you earn more than a million dollars per month“Yeferson said, revealing that his income can be up to four billion Colombian pesos.

In this video, the paisa assured that he would not ignore this issue, but would not give details of other economic matters from which he receives profits. Among his justification, the young man clarified that a large part resides on Facebook and the guidelines it does.

I’m not going to talk about my other businesses”, He added, being very clear about the other projects outside the social networks in which he works.

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