Yeferson Cossio sucked at being Colombian after paying lucas in taxes

The young man was dispatched against the high taxes paid in Colombia.

Yeferson Cossio He has caused a stir on social networks for a video that he shared in his personal accounts, where he spoke of the large sums of money that he has had to pay to the Colombian State. The content creator was sincere and expressed his outrage at the taxes he has had to give during the year, in addition to the high value that he received to declare income.

The influencer drew attention after sharing a picture of the taxes he had to pay, showing his discomfort about the large sums of money that Dian charges Colombians. Despite being accused of evading taxes, the young man took the opportunity to clarify the issue, give exact figures and share a decision he made about his life in the country.

As recorded in the 13-minute clip, Cossio is upset because he had to pay 572 million pesos in the declaration, not counting the taxes that he has had to give every two months to the country for his companies and properties. The paisa took advantage of show that more than two million in taxes of 4×1,000 have been deducted from his account, emphasizing that “in Colombia they charge taxes for paying taxes.”

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Every day I pay the State the equivalent of what a person in Colombia earns in 52 days”, Assured the influencer, specifying that he must pay 100 million more for other types of taxes.

The content creator, who is traveling through Africa with his sentimental partner, assured that all this money he pays is You could be investing in your projects to help people or animals in need.

However, Yeferson did clarify that Dian contacted him to comment that he had to pay approximately 600 million pesos in taxes, due to the fault made by the accountant I worked with before. After changing teams, the paisa realized that most of the people they interviewed they gave solutions related to bribery.

Trying to fix things with bribes is from corrupt people”Affirmed Cossio, disregarding these proposals that his work team received to find a way out of the high tax figures.

The young man did not hesitate to speak of a specific case, giving the name of Yenny Saldarriaga, a financial consultant who visited him at home to seek solutions to these problems with the State. The woman He indicated that he should bribe certain people within the Dian and at the time presented him how much to charge for fees.

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Yeferson exploded in a bad temper, since he did not look for easy exits, but wanted a legal way to pay the least amount of taxes possible. Some time later, Saldarriaga would have spoken with other people about his supposed work with the paisa, causing him discomfort for lying about it.

The influencer did not hesitate to comment that has evidence about the situation, so you are prepared in case things turn different with the consultant.

The content creator will renounce being Colombian

Yeferson Cossio closed this video announcing that he will renounce Colombian nationality and you will not continue to pay these large sums of money. The influencer has already advanced papers for the process and thus take his income elsewhere.

“As of January 1, 2022 I renounce my Colombian nationality, I give up having my income and my assets here in Colombia. All the procedures have already been carried out, ”he added.

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