Yina Calderón and the silver ‘jurgo’ who paid her sister to ‘camel’ him for half a day

Yina Calderón’s sister revealed the amount of money she earned working with her and sparks controversy among her followers.

Juliana Calderón, sister of the former participant of the channel’s reality show RCN, Protagonists of Our Tele, Yina Calderon shared with his followers the great satisfaction that comes from having achieved buy your truck, after four months in the keratin market.

Calderón thanked his clients, because without them he would not have been able to acquire his first car. However, it sparked some controversy details that he toasted in front of the time when works at his sister’s company.

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“5 months ago I earned $ 15,000 working half a day with my sister (…), Today I have the opportunity to buy my first car, “wrote the businesswoman in her networks.

Faced with this, the followers of the Calderón sisters asked Yes why her sister said that she earned that sum of money working with her.

“About my sister I don’t say anything, my relationship with them is not very good. (…) I congratulate my sister because she bought her first car at work point and that is admirable, ”Yina replied in a video.

This little bag of rags in the sun has unleashed different types of comments among Instagram users.

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“These old women do show”, “pure marketing”, “that family is a total mess,” read the reactions of Internet users.

Yina Calderón has starred in different scandals since her participation in the channel’s reality show RCN, nowadays many of the controversies in which he stars are registered on his social networks. She has become popular and a character full of controversy due to the constant surgeries that are performed, for being the center of disputes at parties and for sharing details of her personal life with those who follow her.


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