Yina Calderón chicane in a video her new and luxurious apartment

Yina Calderón makes a video tour of her new apartment, on social networks.

Yina Calderon has grown in his social networks since he participated in the reality of the channel RCN ‘protagonists of Our Tele’ in 2013. Today she is a DJ and businesswoman, in addition to being very active in social networks such as Instagram and be the protagonist of different controversies that are registered in your profile.

Recently, the influencer shared with her followers her new acquisition; a spacious and beautiful apartment.

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In the stories of this social network, he made a small Tour of your new home, where you can see the apartment that is located on the highest floors of the tower. It has a large window with an internal view from the balcony and a fireplace, it also showed the large kitchen with white walls.

The influencer has not yet moved to her newly acquired property, as the video shows the unoccupied apartment.

Its acquisition was commented by Internet users that the they congratulated and they left other types of comments in front of the news that Yina Calderón shared with great joy.

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“That pelada can be whatever it is, but it gets its little things that I like”, “How nice that someone progresses and that they acquire their things, super good”, “The neighbors seeing who arrived 😢”, it is read in the networks.

Yina Calderon and her sister Juliana, gave something to talk about recently, due to a publication by Juliana in which she shared the purchase of her first truck and revealed the sum of money that his sister paid him to work part-time at her company.


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