Your name will be Medellín … They wanted to steal ome at the Casa de Papel

The Mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, came up with a similar analogy after the violent robbery in his city.

In the midst of the cinematic attempted robbery of a gold warehouse in the Poblado de Medellín sector, Mayor Daniel Quintero applauded the actions of the authorities.

Said the Police gave an accurate blow to an organized gang, that probably organized this criminal action for months.

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“They thought they were going to be here ‘The Money Heist’ and they found the best Police in Colombia, “said the local president.

He also confirmed that there are already eleven captured, three occurred at the scene and after reviewing the 123 camera system, the other eight subjects were captured.

Quintero confirmed that one of the alleged criminals is badly injured and in surgery, in one of the city’s hospitals.

“Let this be a message for criminals who think they can do Netflix. No gentlemen. Here we have the best police in Colombia, cameras and the collaboration of the community, many of the criminals were captured ”, he added.

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Quintero announced a reward of $ 10 million pesos “To each person who helps to identify those responsible for this theft or who is part of other robberies that are attempted to be carried out on a massive scale in other parts of the city.”

Finally, the mayor emphasized giving guarantees to merchants and businessmen to improve security in the city.