Yuranis León published a photo before her rhinoplasty and they took it as a patch

Yuranis León, Mr Black’s wife, received a wave of criticism for an old photo that shows her change in appearance.

The ‘instagramer’ Yuranis Leon shared, at the request of one of his followers, a Photography where do you see your nose before surgery surgery, which on previous occasions he has accepted without any qualms.

His profile has more than 1.4 million followers and achieved great recognition for her song ‘Sailor Moon Remix’.

Yuranis Leon She is the wife of the Cartagena musician Mr black, who is also the father of one of his daughters, Khoraliz Sayonara.

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In the photograph the using an Instagram filter, something that netizens did not miss and that they commented on in various messages.

“He put a filter on the photo”, “that old photo also has a filter 😂😂 how about the eyelash liner 😮”, “that the filter is not so noticeable“,” That photo from before is more edited, “they wrote on the networks.

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Likewise, Internet users captured their opinion versus appearance from Mr Black’s wife, some complimenting her and others expressing that she looked better before.

“The truth did not need it”, “It seems to me that it has always been beautiful, but you know women are never happy with our appearance”, “It was better before”, “it looks just as beautiful”, they comment on networks.