Yuri: The Mexican singer seeks to create awareness in people about COVID

In this era in which the contagions of COVID-19 and its variants have exploded, Yuri wants to raise awareness among the people.

The jarocha published a video this Wednesday in which she is dragged by the virus.

The singer seeks to raise awareness of a fun and healthy way And to that end, she made a video in which the virus literally drags her while she screams.

“No coronavirus, wait, don’t be slouch. I promise that I will put on the mask, I promise that I will put on the mask. I promise that I will respect people, that I will obey what they say,” he shouts in the clip, which was accompanied by the message “The bug returned and let’s take care of ourselves”.

Last December the singer said that she is recovering from what, she considers, was one of the most difficult moments of her life.

The singer affirms that anxiety, nausea, fear and even a sudden faint are some of the consequences of COVID-19, virus from which he was infected in 2020.

“It was a very terrible time, with many anxieties, with many consequences: I remember I was in my pajamas and very depressed. This year (2021) I said ‘Daddy God, I’m going to behave very well, I ask you please to be here this Christmas. very well, that I can eat ‘, because apart from that I had a gallbladder problem, they had not been able to operate on me due to Covid, I could not eat any fat, so I only ate rice and tasteless fish; I ate half because I did not want to ”, He shared at the time.

Because of the bad times that you went through, the singer has constantly asked people to take care of themselves, because the most important thing now is health.

“This disease attacks the nervous system, therefore you have to go to a neurologist, and if it hits a cardiologist in the heart, and if it hits the intestine, like me, you have to go to a gastroenterologist, they are easy four or more doctors to treat you where the disease attacked you and separate the psychologist and psychiatrist, because you have anxieties and panic attacks. “

The Instagram video achieved almost 100,000 views in four hours and was commented by Chantal Andere: “You are the best.”

Thalía celebrated the occurrence of the jarocha with emojis of laughter and applause.



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