Zendaya warns about what will be seen in second season of HBO Max’s “Euphoria”

Sunday yesterday the first episode of the second season of HBO Max’s “Euphoria” premiered, the chapter above all was emotional, raw Y pretty forceful.

zendaya, actress hero of the series, warned to the public what they will be able to see in the coming weeks.

This second season will have seven chapters, one will be released for each Sunday.

Zendaya warns about HBO max’s “Euphoria”

“I know I’ve said this before, but I want to reiterate to everyone that “Euphoria” is for mature audiences. This season, maybe even more than the last, is deeply emotional and addresses topics that can be triggering and difficult to see. Please, watch it only if you feel comfortable. take care of yourself, I know that either way you are loved and I can still feel your support. With all my love, Daya ”.

In the premiere episode “Rue” (Zendaya) and “Jules” (Hunter Schafer) They meet for the first time since Christmas when “East Highland” celebrates the New Year.

There are new conflicts and situations that will test these girls who barely start their life.



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