Zoff between Prince Alexander von Anhalt and Olivia Jones: ‘this is about bullying’

Olivia Jones is known for wearing her heart on her tongue. The Hamburg drag queen makes fun of trash VIPs, celebrity colleagues and herself. But one of their “victims” couldn’t laugh at a saying and has now called on his lawyers.

Prince Alexander von Anhalt about Olivia Jones: “A very bad character”

Prince Alexander von Anhalt is angry. In a TV show, Olivia Jones is said to have described Frederik von Anhalt’s adopted son as a “carnival” and “carnival prince”. The 49-year-old said on “Sat.1 Breakfast TV”: “This is about bullying, this is a question of honor. This is about not being allowed to insult another person.”

In his video statement that the adoptive prince sent to the Sat.1 broadcast, he hands out against the drag queen. “For me, Olivia Jones is a ‘two-face’, a very bad character,” he says of the artist. “This person is not allowed to appear in public. Anyone who insults and bullies other people in order to look good on themselves does not deserve to be in public.”

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Olivia Jones denies bullying: “It wasn’t meant as an insult”

Alexander von Anhalt therefore had his lawyers send a cease and desist request to Olivia Jones. Should she repeat the term “Carnival” or “Faschingsprinz” again in public, she would have to pay 500 euros. “A carnival prince is known to be the king of fools. This is not what our client wants to be and neither is he,” explains the prince’s lawyer.image“.

Olivia Jones seems to be a little more relaxed than Alexander von Anhalt. In an interview with the “Bild” she said: “That was not meant as an insult at all and everyone should actually know that the Mardi Gras prince is not either.”

It remains to be seen whether the celebrity Zoff is off the table or whether the argument continues.


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